Worth 1,000 Words? Why Videos are Outperforming Pictures in Regards to Online Marketing

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You will hear in a lot of places that Videos are Outperforming Pictures. This is something that ends up being very important for your marketing campaign, all you need is to know how to adapt yourself to this type of situation. Granted, it’s not the simplest thing you can do, but with the right amount of time invested into this, the outcome can be great.

Info and entertainment

Videos are amounting to 69% of the consumer traffic, according to Cisco. And it’s easy to see why. Videos are easy to browse and watch, everyone can see them and you can get a lot of information thanks to them. That makes them very distinct and unique. At the same time, you can also share immediate entertainment and information to your entire audience. That’s exactly the type of approach that you need to have in mind.

Videos are popular on the smartphones

Videos are Outperforming Pictures on smartphones as well as desktops. But on mobile, you will note that there’s a huge discrepancy. The idea here is that mobile phone users want more videos instead of photos. Since videos are easy to see on the go and they can take a lot of time to watch, they are perfect for commuting and other similar situations.

A massive reach

Are you wondering why Videos are Outperforming Pictures? Then you have to think about the overall reach. Videos are bringing in a massive reach, in fact YouTube alone gets billions of views in a short amount of time. So, it can be very easy for you to reach the right audience if you create a YouTube video. All you have to do is to start doing it and results can be second to none in the end.

The personal touch

Images can allow you to put a personal touch, but it’s a limited one. Videos are Outperforming Pictures because they enable you to add some personal touch and customize your videos as much as you can. While it may seem like a tricky thing to do at first, the reality is that adapting and modifying videos can be quite exciting and interesting.

You get brand uniformity

With images, you won’t be able to build up your brand and keep it the way it is for the long term. But videos can go on multiple sites and they will be able to share your message in no time. That’s what makes them so good, the fact that you can easily share ideas with audiences and generate a lot of leads and sales.

Yes, it’s not a simple thing to create a powerful and result-getting image.

But on the other hand, Videos are Outperforming Pictures because they are a lot more enticing and personal.

Plus, a video enables you to bring in a lot more creativity. Combine that with the fact that you can easily generate sales easier with videos and the results can be extraordinary!


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