The Role of Attribution Models in Mass Marketing

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Whenever you want to do Mass Marketing, you have to remember that using attribution models is one of the best ways to achieve all those goals. But how you can do that? You use this system in order to provide you with the means to create a channel that will generate the conversions. But things are not as simple as you may expect. This really gets to be challenging usually, and you want to avoid any unwanted issues.

Understand what problems can appear

Sometimes, the issue is that the sites your customers visit will not be related to conversions in any way. On top of that, the first touch sources may be connected to a conversion, yet they do not lead to any type of conversion. As a result, they tend to receive less credit than they should, which is a bad situation for sure. Even the addition of third parties can hurt attribution models, this is why you have to work around them.

What does MASS mean in Mass Marketing?

You should consider attribution modelling as the means to cover a campaign instead of measuring different channels. You need to remember that you can focus on the entire thing as a whole instead of focusing on individual situations. That can definitely be a wonderful approach. Not to mention that the big picture is easier to see and it can give you a much better guidance in the end.

Start funneling the results

Attribution modelling is great because it enables you with the means to funnel the results. You will be able to create a template that is easy to read and that can be more than interesting in the end. Plus, this is very important since you can generate up to 60% of all your conversions in a natural and distinct way. Plus, you can see the bigger picture. You can understand the type of channels that deliver the best results for your customers. Usually, finding this on your own is hard, but attribution modelling can help you a lot.

Of course, Mass Marketing can bring either a negative or positive impact on the way you do your marketing campaign. That’s why attribution modelling can be the right option for you. But you have to learn how to handle such a tool and you have to adapt everything in a natural manner until results are the best ones on the market.

Lots of companies are using attribution models and they work very well. But the challenge for a lot of people is that they fail to see the bigger picture. They tend to focus a lot on things that are not as important. It’s a crucial aspect of the experience and one that does tend to pay off very well in the end.

You need to realize that Mass Marketing will be one of those things which is bound to grow your business. But keep attribution modelling in mind, as this will also have a wonderful impact as well.


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