The Top Five Reasons Why Articles Beat Advertising in Terms of Marketing Content

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For many years now, Marketing Content has constantly generated a lot of leads and customers for businesses all over the world. But you have to ask yourself, what matters for your company and how can you adapt everything to your day to day requirements? There are many things you can do at this point, but usually you either opt for advertising or articles. You do have to wonder though which one is the better option. Some say articles, but are they right?

Evergreen content

The reason why articles are a very good type of Marketing Content is because they are evergreen. They can be written and placed on your site and people can access them for years to come. The content doesn’t become obsolete unless it focuses on specific tech or things that get renewed. But the written piece obviously has a much longer life when compared to ads, you can rest assured of that.

Long tail keywords

Adding long tail keywords in articles can be very easy. On the other hand, adapting this to ads can be extremely challenging. Not only do you have less space to cover, but they also need to be integrated in a natural manner. This is extremely hard to do and the experience will not be as good as you want in the end.

You can address directly to the client

One of the best things about articles and what makes them the best Marketing Content is definitely their personal appeal. You never have to worry about finding a way to adapt your ads to the audience. With articles, you can talk directly with the customer. This makes the entire interaction a much more interesting and natural one. It will work towards your advantage, that’s for sure.

A better presentation

Ads offer a limited presentation, and that is not a bad thing. You will always end up dealing with various challenges as you try to get a better ad, but when you write articles, things flow naturally. Plus, articles can also include infographics and videos as well as a multitude of links. It’s just a better presentation and a more comprehensive one as well.

Improved call to action

When you talk about anything in your articles, you can always end up with a call to action. This means you can easily generate more leads and customers for your business. It’s a wonderful approach and one that can bring you more followers for your business.

Yes, Marketing Content can work very well, but if you have to choose between articles or ads, then you should opt for the former one.

Articles are a lot better, they bring you a really good user experience and they can also be adapted to the user base. Combine that with the fact that you create evergreen content and you can easily add long keywords, then you can see the value of this type of content. Don’t hesitate and start using articles to promote your business, this can easily help you a lot!


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