Cross Promoting: Team up with other Businesses

Up until recently, the idea of working with other companies in order to promote your own business seemed a bit crazy. But the reality is that teaming up with others does come with advantages. Sure, you have to share the spotlight with another company, but then again you will have a lot more people hearing about you. And yes, Cross Promoting can indeed work even if you work with a company within your industry.

A good idea is to avoid doing Cross Promoting with a competitor. But if you work with a business that sells something which relates to what you offer, then the results can actually be very good. The idea is to know how to identify which business is right for something like this.

Usually, when two companies agree to Cross Promoting, they do have at least a bit of an audience. But they want to expand, so they want to acquire the attention of the other audience. Plus, the Cross Promoting situations can also lead to viral help, and in the end that can indeed work to your own advantage.

You don’t have to do Cross Promoting with a single business though. There are lots of methods you can use here, and each one has to be tested adequately. As long as you work hard to achieve all those goals and you try to Cross Promote with as many businesses as you can, this will indeed be worth it.

How can you start Cross Promoting?

First, you need to find the blog of that company or their contact page. Make sure that they are at least related to what you offer. Or you can opt for a company that is only loosely in the same industry. This way you can actually get some really good results, you just have to adapt to the overall experience in a nice and distinct way.

Once that is done, you identify how the Cross Promoting takes place. Sometimes you agree to blog posts on each one of the suite. Then you can opt for advertising. However, a good idea is to leave advertising as the last bit. You don’t want the advertising process to start too soon. Instead you should wait in order to ensure that the two companies have a cohesive bond at that time.

Banner ads are particularly handy here. And then you can also share testimonials and feedback to the other company. Having some feedback from another company can actually strengthen your reputation, and that’s extremely important for you. Yes, Cross Promoting is going to require a lot of work on your side.

But the idea is to do it as much as you can. For example, you can cross promote via giveaways. These are actually bringing in front some of the better solutions out there and things like this will surely be more than enjoyable all the time.

If you can do Cross Promoting fast, then the overall results for your business can be great. 

But do remember, you have to establish a great connection between the two companies in order for this to work well.


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