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Why Personalized Emails Are King This Year

By Manny Hernandez / a couple of months ago

If there’s one thing that you should consider focusing on this year, that would surely be Personalized Emails. But why are they so important? There are many reasons why you may want to opt for those, but the primary focus here is that people want to feel special. Plus, there are other benefits you get […]


5 Marketing Statistics that You Should Not Ignore in 2017

By Manny Hernandez / a couple of months ago

Marketing Statistics are very important for any type of business in 2017. If you get the right statistics, you will find that your results will be very good, especially if you adapt your business to the market based on those ideas. But you do have to wonder, what Marketing Statistics are very popular at this […]



By Manny Hernandez / a few months ago

Finding the mistake email marketers make is very hard at first. Usually, marketers tend to either focus on getting readers to open and read the email, to give info, build a rapport or to sell the product. But while these are important ideas, the reality is that you want something else. You want value, quality […]


7 Email Subject Line Examples That Increase Open Rates

By Manny Hernandez / 6 months ago

Email Subject Line Examples are necessary if you want to make sure that your customers are there for you. There’s a lot of value to be had if you know how to create an email which sells, so try to keep that in mind and the experience will be very well worth it in the […]